Real Estate & Re-development

Getting Results in Real Estate Law Matters

At UR Legal we have the experience to make real estate closings as smooth as possible. We have the knowledge to correctly handle the most intricate transactional matters.

Our Real Estate team is very active in the real estate and development project spheres. Our clientele consist primarily of real estate developers and privately held investment holding companies.

All Residential and Commercial Real Estate Matters

From real estate investors to developers, we represent anyone with a legal real estate issue that needs to be addressed. Some of the common issues are:
Mortgage preparation, Review and negotiation
Lease preparation, Review and negotiation
Contract preparation, Review and negotiation
Our skills are not limited to handling the paperwork. When disputes arise, we can handle them as well.

Real Estate Closings

Our law firm represents sellers in all aspects of real estate closings. From preparing seller documents to making certain that you get your money after the transaction is complete, we will see that everything is handled properly and successfully. We represent buyers in all aspects of real estate closings. We review title to make certain it is clean. We can make certain taxes are dealt with appropriately. We can help you close the deal on your home or other property. The last thing you want in a real estate purchase is a surprise. We make sure you are not disappointed.

When disputes arise during the closing process, you will not have to turn to another real estate law firm. Our lawyers can handle disputes.

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