Our Team

Our team is specialized in:

Civil law(Litigation), Business law, Company law(Merger & Amalgamation), Rent act, Conveyancing(Including all types of Deeds & Documentation, Stamp duty & registration), Arbitration & Conciliation, Co-operative societies Act, Matrimonial matters, Intellectual property & Trademark ,Surrogacy matters etc. The latest Boom of Redevelopment project is one more addition of our specialisation.

Our Team Spirit & Values:

We believe in the motto that "Work is worship". In case of urgency our dedicated Attorneys, Chartered accountants, Company Secretaries works round the clock. Our Reward is satisfaction of our client. Loyalty, Team Spirit, Enthusiasm, Devotion makes us special from the rest. "Action speaks louder than the words". Ur legal insists on and maintains highest standards of ethics, integrity, confidentiality and conduct amongst its professionals and Clients. Firm enjoys professional relations with a large number of Institutions, MNCs.

urvii Advocate Urvi Rathod is Internationally Acclaimed Civil Lawyer Practicing Since more than 22 years is President of UR Legal, an International law firm having their associates in India, Spain, UAE (Dubai), Nepal (Kathmandu) etc. Due to her dedication & hard work Advocate Urvi Rathod is having global reorganization received Many International Awards. Advocate Urvi have been specially invited to chair session for many reputed conferences from Most reputed National Law Universities, Colleges, Ministry, National & International Conferences, Medico-legal Conferences, Social Conferences, Conferences organized by Legal Fraternity, Conferences of Film & Media industry, Arbitration conferences etc.

rajeshhAdvocate Rajesh Rathod is Senior Legal Consultant Of UR Legal International Law firm doing Counsel Practice since more than 24years in Bombay high court. Advocate Rajesh is the most Integral part of UR Legal & Consultant to top Companies, Builders, Societies etc.

JeettThe Lawyer Couple's Son Jeet Rathod continued the Legacy & Studying Law. He has involved himself in doing legal research, assistance in getting Citations related to matter.

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