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The Firm has cast iron knowledge in Merger & Acquisitions having worked for Major Indian and multinational corporations and is rated as the best by various reputed International legal journals. The firm advises its clients on all aspects of M&A.

Merger & Acquisition strategies for growth can be significantly improved in their effectiveness with the Market Engineering system. Typically these strategies are implemented by lawyers and financial advisors with little regard to the marketing implications. In this section, we will discuss ways to integrate Market Engineering into this strategy successfully.

10 Solid Reasons to Support an Acquisition Strategy

  • Target holding unique market position
  • A potential turnaround situation
  • Complimentary skill sets
  • Geographic expansion move
  • Ability to cut duplicate costs and improve profit
  • Elimination of competition
  • Increase in breadth and depth of product line
  • Improvement of IPO possibility
  • Access to new customer base
  • Stopping opportunities for key competitor

10 Ways Market Engineering Can Make Mergers & Acquisitions More Successful

  • Improving negotiation and price by knowing the company's exact market position
  • Providing credibility and insurance to investors and bankers
  • Selecting the optimal acquisition candidate for your company
  • Identifying market opportunities that an acquisition strategy can exploit
  • Measuring customer attitudes on company's products to indicate their image in market
  • Providing customer demographic data that gives insight into future market potential and growth for targeted company
  • Identifying opportunities for growth in market segmentation analysis
  • Providing competitive benchmarking measurements to identify areas for fast improvement in company
  • Measuring market and technical trends to forecast future growth potential of company's technology
  • Identifying key trends in the market, the company’s customers, and relative position with competitors to pinpoint future problems and opportunities
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