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Matrimonial matters / Annulment of Marriage / Child custody

Increasing literacy, ongoing economic growth and integration with the rest of the world has resulted in changing values in India. With the registration of marriage become compulsory in many states and inter-caste / inter-religion marriages on the rise, a need has arisen for the common man to have a basic understanding of the matrimonial laws in India.

Many times, problems arise subsequent to a marriage, remedies for which are prescribed mostly in the matrimonial law book. Â Issues such as separation / divorce / annulment of marriage / bigamy etc. fall within the ambit of matrimonial laws.

A good Lawyer’s duty is to first try to reciprocally settle the dispute arise between parties especially when the dispute is within the family. Divorce should be the last option when things are uncontrollable and when mental health & physical life is at risk. Our firm is appreciated for doing expert Counselling and trying to either resolve the issues or trying to convert contested Divorce matter into Mutually Consented Divorce matter. Child Custody is a very sensitive matter and our team will try its best to resolve it by all possible means.
Divorce by Mutual Consent takes Six months to get an order after filing Mutual Consent Divorce Petition. Contested Divorce can take many Years as the case may be.

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